Academic Advising

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Academic Support Services

The Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center provides:

  • Information about academic programs and policies
  • Assistance exploring or clarifying choice of major
  • Special advisors to help students who encounter academic difficulties strategize ways to improve their performance
  • Evaluation of transfer courses and assessment of credits awarded
  • Information about petitioning the College Board for exceptions to academic policies
  • Advice and counseling regarding learning or physical disabilities
  • Assistance in conveying information about special needs to professors
  • Assistance in obtaining academic and classroom accommodations, if needed

LEEP Center

The LEEP Center offers holistic student support and advising to help you explore your interests.

  • Advising
  • Community Connections
  • Grant, Fellowship and Scholarship Proposal Review
  • Interest Inventories
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personal Statement Review
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review

What is LEEP Center Advising?

Who is my LEEP Center Advisor?

Contact Info:

Academic Advising Center 508-793-7468
LEEP Center 508-793-8819