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FAQ - Employee Direct Deposit Reimbursement

What if I have multiple bank accounts set up in the Human Resources/Payroll System?
The reimbursement will deposit to the bank account where your residual net pay is credited.
How do I make a change in the bank and/or account to be credited?
Complete the Direct Deposit Form indicating CHANGE and check the box for Accounts Payable. Fax or mail the completed form to the Payroll Department. If it is a checking account please include a photocopy of a voided check for reference.
How often will direct deposit for reimbursements be processed?
Direct deposits from Accounts Payable will be processed on the same days as the check printing schedule.
How will the payment show up on my bank statement?
Each bank has its own standard for what is presented on your statement.  However, the bank is required to include the company name.  In this case, it would be: Clark University.
How will I know when the reimbursement request has been processed for payment?
A notification will be sent to the Clark University email account.
Who do I contact if I do not receive my direct deposit after receiving the direct deposit email?
If the funds are not credited to your bank account within 3 business days please call the telephone number on the email or contact Accounts Payable at
I am a student, how will this affect my reimbursements or student account refunds?
At this time there will be no changes to how you currently receive payment.
How will non-employees be paid for their reimbursements?
At this time there is no change for non-employee payments.  However, there are plans to offer payment to vendors via ACH in the near future.
Where can I get other questions answered?
Contact Accounts Payable at