Business and Financial Services

Accounts Payable

Interdepartmental Requisitions

  1. Purpose

    To communicate the guidelines for employees who wish to purchase goods and services from other departments in the University.

  2. Overview

    • The procedure for obtaining goods and services from a University department, the department initiating the transaction must fill out an inter-departmental requisition form. The form is a four-part, multi-colored document and should be distributed appropriately.
    • The white copy must be sent to the department supplying the product or service as a record of the transaction.
    • The yellow copy must first be sent to the supplying department, who will forward this copy to the Accounts Payable department upon completion of the transaction. Accounts Payable will use this information to charge and credit the appropriate departments.
    • The pink copy must also be sent first to the supplying department. The supplying department must return this copy to the initiating department once the service is performed or the goods are delivered. This document is the delivery record for the transaction and also informs the initiating department of the cost of the requisition, if it was not already known.
    • The goldenrod copy is retained by the initiating department as a record of the order.

  3. Filling out a requisition

    • The top left section of the form (marked person requesting service) must contain the initiating department's name, telephone extension, and the name of the contact person. The top right section (marked department that will provide the service) contains the name of the supplying department and the date that the service is needed.
    • The next section requires a description of the service or goods and the amount to be charged. In the column marked quantity, enter the number of items required, if applicable, then the description of the type of goods or service. The unit price is included if applicable, and then a total amount of the service is entered in the last column.
    • The third section contains the accounting information of the initiating department. Enter the INDEX, FUND, ORGN, or ACCT numbers where indicated, and also include the total cost of the service in the box marked amount. This section allows Accounts Payable to charge the correct account of the initiating department.
    • The form must contain the approval signature of the authorized person within the initiating department, and the date that the form is filled out. Then the three parts of the form (except for goldenrod copy marked requester) must be sent to the department providing the service to fill out the bottom portion of the requisition so that the transaction may be completed.