Business and Financial Services

Accounts Payable

Service Charges

  1. Purpose

    To communicate the procedures pertaining to charges for all departments with ongoing accounts with the mail services and telecommunications department.

  2. Overview

    Interdepartmental services are charged through Accounts Payable, who receives collective bills for all departments charged with these services. Any questions regarding telephone and postage charges may be address to Accounts Payable.

  3. Postage

    Every month, the Office of Business and Financial Services receives a meter reading of all the postage charges incurred by University departments for the current period. Accounts Payable then charges the appropriate accounts of the departments who have availed of postage services over the time period.

  4. Telephone

    On a monthly basis, the Office of Business and Financial Services also receives a consolidated telephone bill for the entire University. The charges for each department consist of a flat rate for the equipment, a monthly fee for voice mail, and the accrued long distance charges. Accounts Payable charges the appropriate accounts with the amount owed for all these services collectively.