Business and Financial Services

Cashier's Office

Stamp Purchasing Policies


To communicate the policies regarding the purchase of stamps by departments of the University.


  • The Cashier's Office sells stamps for departmental use only. Stamps may not be purchased for personal/individual use.
  • An interdepartmental requisition may be obtained from the Accounting office.

Filling out the requisition form

  • The top section of the form must contain the name and telephone extension of the individual requesting the service, the department for which the stamps are being purchased, and the date of purchase.
  • The middle section of the form required information regarding the purchase itself. It must contain the number of rolls or individual stamps requested under the column marked quantity, and a description of the purchase (stamps) under the area reserved under description. In addition, the unit price of the purchase must be included under the column marked unit price, and the total dollar amount of the purchase under the column marked extension.
  • The third section of the form requires the department requesting the service to enter the appropriate account information in order for the Cashier to charge the department's specific account. The correct Fund code (FUND) and/or Organization code (ORG) must be included, and the four-digit Account code (ACCT) is also required. Finally, the total dollar amount of the charge must be calculated and entered into the last column marked amount.
  • The form must then be signed and dated by a departmental employee that has signature authorization and submitted to the Cashier's Office.

General instructions

  • Interdepartmental requisitions for stamps may not be sent through the mail, as the Cashier's office does not mail stamps to departments requesting the purchase. The form must be walked over by the employee making the request or a work-study student from that department.
  • The department may choose to retain the goldenrod copy of the requisition form before it is submitted to the Cashier's Office.

Upon receipt of the requisition form, the Cashier will stamp the pink copy, sign and date it, and return it to the requesting party as a record that the purchase has been made by the department.