Business and Financial Services

2018/2019 Budget Calendar

(updated 09-05-2018) Please note that this calendar is subject to revision throughout the year.

MonthWeek OfEvent/ActionMilestone
September9/6/2018Planning and Budget Review (PBR) weekly meetings begin
9/12/2018Fall semester enrollment data freeze.
9/18/2018Audit Committee conference call on 2018 audited financial statements2018 Financial statements approved
October10/12/2018Board Books mailed to Trustees, including results of FY 18, updates on FY 19 undergradudate and graduate enrollments.
10/26/2018Board of Trustees Meeting - October 26 and October 27
NovemberMid-MonthFY20 Non-Comp Budget Forms sent to departments for review
Mid-NovemberPart-Time Faculty Request Forms distributed
DecemberMind-DecemberFY 20 Non-Comp Budget Review Forms returned by departments
12/14/2018Part-Time Faculty Request Forms Returned
January 1/25/2019Proposed FY20 Tuition Rates mailed to Trustees
February2/1/2019Staff Position Budget Forms sent to departments for review
2/8/2019Board of Trustees MeetingTuition, Room, Board, and fees set for FY20
March3/1/2019Staff Position Budget Forms returned By departments
April4/1/2019Fiscal year end instruction memo sent to Clark community
4/19/2019Board Books mailed to Trustees, including proposed FY20 Operating and Capital Budgets
May5/3/2019Board of Trustees MeetingFY20 Budget Approved
5/10/2019Last day to place purchase orders for FY19
5/31/2019Fiscal year end
June6/3/2019Non-Comp budgets loaded in Banner
6/7/2019Last day to submit FY19 invioces and reimbursement requests through SmartBuy Plus
Mid-JuneFY20 staff and student wage budgets loaded into Banner
6/18/2019First FY19 year-end close.
July 7/29/2019Auditors onsite to begin year end audit work
August8/5/2019Faculty raise letters sent to full-time faculty
8/26/2019Faculty FY20 salary budgets loaded into Banner