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Clark OneCard

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Clark OneCard office located?
The OneCard office is located in the Alumni and Student Engagement Center room 325.
What do I do if my Clark OneCard is lost or damaged?
The cardholder is responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen card to University Police located on the ground floor of Bullock Hall (ext. 7575). Only the CashCard balance at the time the card is reported missing and inactivated can be protected. The sequence code that controls your Clark OneCard will be changed so that no one can use your card. Think of your Clark OneCard like cash - and protect it like cash. For information on getting a replacement card, see the next question.
My card was lost or damaged - how do I get a replacement card?
Visit the Clark OneCard Office located in the Alumni and Student Engagement Center room 325 during regular office hours. There is a $25.00 replacement fee for a lost card which may be paid by check, cash, charge your student account, or you can pay using your CashCard. There is no lost card replacement fee for faculty, staff or graduate students.
If the card is damaged or not working, bring it to the office for evaluation. A damaged or demagnetized card will be replaced for free.
Will my new/replacement card work immediately?
Newly printed cards will work immediately for Dining Hall access and CashCard purchases. It may take up to an hour for you to be able to access buildings, the parking garage, or printing services.
Can I pay for a new card with a credit or debit card?
No, you may pay by check, cash, charge your student account, or use your CashCard.
Do I need an appointment to get a new/replacement card?
You do not need an appointment during office hours (see the office hours page for current hours). Appointments outside of regular office hours can be scheduled by contacting the OneCard office at or 508-793-7109.
How long does it take to get a new OneCard?
It only takes a few minutes to take your picture and issue a new card. Replacement cards that re-use your existing picture can be created even quicker.
Do I need to provide my own picture?
No, the OneCard office can take a picture for you. If you'd like to submit your own picture, you can email it to Students can also submit pictures online.
How will my OneCard picture be used?
Your OneCard photo image will be used to produce your OneCard and may also be displayed in software used by Housing, Campus Police, Student Accounts, or other Clark staff to verify your identity.
Where do I go to put cash on my card?
You deposit funds into your Cash Card account through the Cashier's Office. You may do this in person at the Cashier's Office located on the third floor of the Alumni and Student Engagement Center, by mail, or by telephone at (508) 793-7422. You may deposit these funds using a check, cash or credit card. The funds are posted to your Cash Card within an hour.

Students can also add to their cash balance by making a deposit online anytime, day or night, through CUWeb. Deposits can be made using an ACH Check or a credit card (additional fees apply to credit card transactions). Please allow one hour for the deposit to be reflected in your OneCard balance. Visit the Clark OneCard channel inside ClarkYou to check your balance or add cash to your card by clicking on the "ADD MONEY" link.
What if my Clark OneCard does not work?
If for any reason your Clark OneCard does not work, you should see the appropriate department so they can evaluate the situation. University Police oversees all building and parking garage access activity, Dining Services located in the Higgins University Center oversees all meal plan activity, and the OneCard Office located on the second floor at the Alumni and Student Engagement Center room 325 manages all CashCard account activity. After you have seen the appropriate department and your Clark OneCard still does not work, bring it to the Clark OneCard Office located inthe Alumni and Student Engagement Center room 325 and we will determine if your card has been damaged and/or demagnetized.
What if I find a lost OneCard?
If you find a lost OneCard, please mail or hand-deliver it to the OneCard office at Alumni and Student Engagement Center room 325.
What is the difference between the OneCard and an identification (ID) card?
There is no difference. The OneCard and ID card are interchangeable names for the same card. The official name is the Clark OneCard. However, sometimes you will hear the OneCard referred to as an ID card.
How do I find my ID number?
The first eight numbers printed on the front of your OneCard is your ID number. The last two numbers simply represent the issuance number for your card. This gets updated if your card is lost and replaced.