Business and Financial Services

Payroll Office

Graduate Student Payroll

  1. Purpose

    To provide the policies and guidelines for departments employing graduate students to enter them into the Clark University payroll system.

  2. General Policies

    The department employing a graduate student must deal directly with the Payroll Office for any necessary paperwork for work authorization at Clark University.

    The department requesting an authorization for a graduate student stipend must submit a completed and approved work authorization form to the Payroll Office.

  3. Stipends

    Graduate stipends are organized by the departments and requires a Graduate Stipend Payroll Authorization form.

    Departments compensating graduate students with a stipend must have the stipend budget approved by Andrea Michaels.

    Once the stipend has been approved by Andrea Michaels, the signed stipend sheet is forwarded to the Payroll Office. The department sponsoring the stipend must inform the graduate students to go to the Payroll Office and fill out relevant tax documentation in order to be authorized for work in the University.

  4. Tax forms

    The necessary tax forms to be submitted for work authorization are available in the manual section for general payroll policies.

  5. Considerations for International students

    International students submitting an I-9 form for work authorization must have a Social Security Number and must present 2 forms of valid picture ID, or a passport, upon submission of the I-9 document.

    For further assistance with tax regulations for international students and the acquisition of a Social Security Number, please contact Amy Daly at the Office of Intercultural Affairs (ISSO).