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Loan Interview

Loan Entrance Interview

All first year students, including transfer students, who will be receiving federal student loans (Federal Perkins and/or Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan) are required to take part in an Entrance Interview.Please know that failure to complete an Entrance Interview will prevent your federal student loan proceeds from being disbursed to your student account, thus leaving you with a balance due. Students will be notified during the summer (mid-July) regarding the need to complete an entrance interview. The entrance interview for Stafford Loans is done via the web at The entrance interview for Perkins Loans is done via the web at Students will also electronically sign their Perkins Master Promissory note during the on-line entrance process.

Loan Exit Interview

All graduates, as well as any students who are no longer enrolled as a full time student at Clark University, who have received Federally Guaranteed Student Loan Proceeds (i.e. Perkins, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (s), (NIL) MA No Interest Loans) are required under Federal Law to take part in an Exit Interview. Please know that this is a Federal mandate. If you are graduating, failure to complete an exit interview may result in your Diploma being withheld.

All graduating students will receive notification from the Office of Student Accounts when it is time to compete their loan exit (typically this notification is mailed the end of March). Exits are done via the Web at Students who withdraw from the University, or are enrolled less than half time will be mailed exit interview materials at their home address and are asked to complete and return it in a timely manner.