Campus Safety and Security

Emergency Preparedness Documents

Clark University Emergency Response Plan
Active Shooter Emergency Plan
Hurricane Preparedness and Response Plan
Winter Storm Preparedness and Response Plan
Water Outage Preparedness and Response Plan

The documents above establish guidelines for Clark University personnel and departments about how to respond to major emergencies (such as violent crime, natural disasters and medical crises) on the Clark University Campus. You are advised to review these documents BEFORE an emergency occurs and are expected to understand procedures for which you are responsible. Hard copies of the Emergency Guide (a subset of the first document) will be distributed to each residence hall room, classroom and office on campus.

Additionally it is the responsibility of each department and office to develop its own localized emergency plan relevant to the building in which it is located, using the Emergency Response Plan as a guide.

Since the mission of the Clark University Emergency Response Plan is to enable the University to respond to an emergency situation in a safe, effective, and timely manner, this and associated department plans must be dynamic in nature and will be revised as required to reflect changing needs.

Faculty, staff and students must take personal responsibility for their individual safety in any emergency situation. Use the guides to help you think about how you would react to the various situations described. If an emergency were to occur, your own planning will prove invaluable by preparing you to react to the event in a calm and safe manner. Become familiar with your surroundings, know the location of the emergency exits and emergency telephones. Think about your location and the primary and secondary exits available for your use in case you need to evacuate a building.

Clark Alerts is an electronic message service that Clark will use as the primary notification system in emergency events. Register for Clark Alerts and keep your information updated.

Additional information will be posted on this page as it becomes available. Questions should be directed to Paul Wykes (, 508-793-7385), Business Manager and Emergency Plan Coordinator.