Campus Safety and Security

Safety Intervention Team

Clark University has established the Safety Intervention Team (SIT) to help improve the safety of the Clark community by managing situations where students, staff, or faculty are diplaying disruptive or threatening behaviors that potentially endanger their own or other's health and safety.

As appropriate to the circumstances of a particular situation, the Safety Intervention Team may engage in activities that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Receiving reports on persons or situations of concern that may pose a risk of harm to a member of the Clark community, including but not limited to, incidents of violence, threatening behavior or statements, unwanted pursuit, stalking, and harassment. Reports may be submitted to the team by any member of the Clark community or brought to the team's attention by one of the team members.
  • Gathering information from multiple sources (on campus and outside the institution) regarding the person or situation of concern and evaluating the information to determine whether the person or situation of concern poses a threat of violence, self-harm, or both;
  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring intervention strategies and management plans, which are designed to respond appropriately to statements, behavior and/or circumstances that generate concern that an individual may pose a threat.
  • Coordinating with appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, medical personnel, and other outside agencies, as appropriate;
  • Implementing reporting protocols and developing strategies to encourage reports from the Clark community;
  • Assisting in conducting periodic campus-wide awareness education for students, staff, and faculty regarding threat assessment, threat management, pertinent information-sharing issues, and the team's responsibilities.
  • Keeping appraised of best practices and participating in periodic trainings in threat assessment and management.

When to submit a report to the Safety Intervention Team

It is the responsibility of faculty, staff, and students to immediately report any situation that could possibly result in harm to anyone at the University. Any member of the campus community may become aware of a troubling person or situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, or fear and, if so, this information should be provided to the Safety Intervention Team.

Behavioral Signs of Concern
Statement of harm to self or othersBizarre behavior
Aggressive behaviorDepressed mood
Marked changes in appearance/behaviorHeightened Anxiety
Bias-related statementsDifficulty relating to others
Fascination with violence/weaponsDisruptive behavior
Problems with drugs/alcoholWork-related problems

How to submit a report.

In situations where a person may pose an immediate risk of violenece to themselves or others, please call Universtiy Police at 508-793-7575.

To report concerning or threatening behaviour to the Safety Invervention Team, submit a report using the online reporting tool. Alternatively, you may directly contact any member of the Safety Intervention Team (see listing below).

Anonymous referrals are accepted but discouraged. By identifying yourself, the Safety Intervention Team will be able to more fully investigate and respond to your concerns. Without your identifying information, the team may not have enough information to address the situation you have described. Anonymous reports will be addressed, but the ability of the Safety Intervention Team to respond may be limited.

Safety Intervention Team Members

As a multi-disciplinary team, the Safety Intervention Team is responsible for receiving and screening reports of actual or potential threats, following up on reported threats through information gathering, assessment and intervention, and ongoing monitoring of same. Upon receipt of a report, the Safety Intervention Team will convene the appropriate members to discuss the threat and develop a response.

Safety Intervention Team Members
Francy Magee, Dean of Studentsfmagee@clarku.edu508-793-7198
Stephen Goulet, Chief of Policesgoulet@clarku.edu508-793-7575
Adam Keyes, Assistant Dean of Studentsakeyes@clarku.edu508-793-7423
Paul Wykes, Business Managerpwykes@clarku.edu508-793-7385
David Everitt, Interim Director of Human Resourcesdeveritt@clarku.edu508-793-7295
Megan Kersting, Director of Center for Counseling and
Personal Growth