Campus Safety and Security

Weather/Natural Disasters

Fear at the time of a disaster may breed panic. Panic can account for more injuries than the disaster itself. Therefore, calming personnel and students and preventing panic are critical.

Familiarize yourself with assembly area locations listed in this guide prior to any emergency. You are expected to meet at these locations. Always follow the direction of emergency response personnel.


  • Stay away from windows or bookcases.
  • Identify safe places such as:
    • In a doorway
    • Under sturdy furniture
    • Against an inside wall
  • Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for aftershocks.

Severe Storms

  • Don't use the telephone and plumbing fixtures.
  • Wind, rain and lightening can cause dangerous situations. Avoid water, metal objects, open spaces and electrical appliances during lightening storms.


  • Use the basement level of all campus buildings as a designated tornado shelter.
  • If no basement, go to a small interior room with no windows, such as halls, closets, stairwells.