Career Development

What can I do with a Major in...?

The beauty of a liberal arts degree is that it allows you to develop a broad range of skills that can be applied to almost any career field. The ability to communicate clearly, to work collaboratively with others, and to research and evaluate solutions to problems are skills that are valued by employers in all fields.

The links below list careers most closely related to a particular major. Keep in mind that, with some experience, you can apply your major to almost any career field. Just look at what these well known Clark alumni did with their liberal arts majors...

Panera Bread logo

Ronald Shaich '76
Major: Government/International Relations
Job title: Chairman/CEO, Panera Bread

XM Satellite Radio logo

Hugh Panero '78
Major: Government
Job Title: CEO and President, XM Satellite Radio

Beth Edmonds '72
Major: Geography
Job title: President, Maine State Senate

Blue Man Group

Matthew Goldman '83
Major: Economics / MBA '84
Job title: Creator, Blue Man Group

America's Most Wanted logo

Phil Lerman ' 77
Major: English
Job title: Producer, America's Most Wanted

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