Career Development

Get Involved

What Can Parents Do To Help?

For Your Son or Daughter:

Be a Listener

  • offer non-judgmental listening
  • give honest feedback
  • initiate conversations on career planning
  • assist your student in clarifying their ideas, skills, interests
  • help your student develop independent decision-making skills to last a lifetime!

Be a Resource

  • help your student develop contacts for information and advice in career exploration and job search
  • refer your student to colleagues, friends, neighbors, parishioners, family, community members etc.
  • offer encouragement to approach different people and ask for information and advice

Be an Advocate

  • encourage your student to avoid procrastination and denial
  • encourage your student to take advantage of all of the resources in CS
  • make sure that you read over the Student section contents of our web site!

For Career Development:

  • Contact the Human Resources department at your place of employment about recruiting programs for full-time, part-time, internships and summer positions. Sharing this information and contact with Career Development can be beneficial to enhancing our employer relations programs.
  • Volunteer to talk to students (in person, by e-mail, or over the phone) about your career path and current employer. Contact Career Development for more information on serving as a mentor.
  • Volunteer to assist with housing for a summer intern from Clark.
  • We welcome your suggestions on any other ways you think you may be helpful to your son or daughter and other Clark students. Tell us what you think. . .