Career Development

U.S. Job Search

  • Never include personal information, such as, your weight, height, birthday, age, religious affiliation or marital status in your resume.
  • Resumes and cover letters should be typed and submitted on high quality, bond "resume" paper. Avoid fancy colors and styles.
  • Dress in a suit for the interview.
  • The handshake is extremely important as it demonstrates your confidence and ability to meet new people. Practice it!
  • "American" eye contact is also vital and may seem uncomfortable for some international students. Practice it!
  • Slow down and enunciate carefully, especially if you think you have an "accent" for the interviewer.
  • RELAX but remain alert and focused. Smile occasionally but avoid laughing as it may seem like nervousness!
  • It is important to speak confidently about your strengths and experiences in an American interview. This may seem like "bragging" to some people. Sell YOURSELF!
  • Pay attention to your body language. Gestures are fine! Try not to slump or be "machine" like!