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Making a list of all your possible expenses will help you budget successfully and hopefully allow for some savings each month. Putting even a small amount away into savings will add up and give you a sense of security. A good goal is to have two months of salary in savings so that if you lose your job you can continue to pay your bills until you are employed again.

Use actual bills or estimate your expenses in the following areas:



Expense Amount Description
Rent: $ Rent sometimes includes heat and utilities.
Electricity: $ Remember to budget higher amounts for heating and electricity during winter months.
Heat: $
Phone: $  
Insurance: $ Auto insurance, renter's insurance, and life/health insurance costs.
Groceries: $ Food and non-food items such as cleaning supplies and paper products.
Car Payment: $  
Credit Cards: $  
Student Loans: $  
Savings: $ Emergency savings account plus retirement savings.
Laundry/Dry Cleaning: $  
Transportation: $ Registrations and inspections on vehicles, gasoline, tolls, parking fees.
Clothing: $  
Personal Care: $ Hair cuts, manicures, etc.
Cable/Internet Access: $  
Entertainment: $ Dining out, going to the movies, etc.