Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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Gas Cylinder Safety

tank label
  • Always read the label and consult SDS.
  • Clearly mark cylinders as "Full", "Empty" and "In use" as it applies.
  • Screw-on cap must be placed when cylinders are not in use.
  • Secure cylinders at all times to prevent tipping.
  • Never attempt to repair a cylinder or valve.
  • Always make sure that regulator and fittings are compatible.
  • Use a properly designed wheeled cart to move cylinders. Never roll or drag them.

Leaking Gas Cylinders

If a leaking cylinder is discovered, move it to a safe place (if it is safe to do so, when in doubt, call the Safety Office x7280) and inform the Chemical Safety Officer.

NEVER attempt to repair a cylinder or valve.

Cylinders in Storage A Cylinder in Use
gas cylinders in storage a gas cylinder in use