Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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Emergency Response

Anyone might encounter an emergency in the course of their normal duties. Those that do are called "first responders," and must initiate defensive actions and the notification process. There are five main types of emergencies:

  • Explosions and Fires
  • Medical emergencies, including splashes of hazardous agents.
  • Spills: Chemical spills, Biological spills and Mercury spills.
  • Leaking gas cylinders
  • Electrical shocks

If an emergency takes place in your area of work that requires the evacuation of the building, leave the building through the nearest exit and use the closest emergency yellow box on campus to contact campus police. To use them, open the steel door by turning the handle. Pushing the emergency button located inside the box creates an automatic connection to University Police that cannot be disconnected. Clark's campus police will automatically know which box has been activated. Please let the dispatcher know where and what event took place to ensure a quick and effective response to the crisis.

Emergency Boxes

emergency phone emergency phone

You can also download a copy of this map in PDF format.