Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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BioSafety Cabinets

Biological safety cabinets are divided into three classes based on the amount of protection they provide.

Class I: The investigator is partially protected, no protection for the sample.

Class II: The investigator is partially protected and the sample is protected.

Class III: Both the sample and the investigator are protected.

How to Use BioSafety Cabinets Safely

scientist using biosafety cabinet Follow these rules:

  1. Turn it on 5 minutes before use to allow the airflow to establish itself.
  2. Lower sash as far as you can.
  3. Do not block airflow.
  4. Secure papers to prevent entrapment in the exhaust line.
  5. Wipe down the surface with disinfectant before each use.
  6. Minimize hand movement.
  7. Do not use a flame inside the cabinet.