Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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Fume Hoods

A chemical fume hood is a partially enclosed workspace that is exhausted to the outside. When used properly, hazardous gases and vapors generated inside the hood are captured before they enter the breathing zone. Fume hoods are tested by the safety office. If you suspect that the hood in your lab is not working, place a "broken hood" sign on the hood sash and call Frank Abell at (x7280).

Download "OUT OF ORDER" sign.

The fume hoods in the lab.

Standard Operating Procedures

Close-up of sticker
  1. Confirm that the hood is operational.
  2. Maintain operations at least 6" inside.
  3. Lower sash to optimum height.
  4. Keep head out of the hood.
  5. Keep hood storage to a minimum.
  6. Minimize foot traffic around the fume hood.
  7. Use extreme caution with ignition sources inside.
  8. Replace hood components prior to use.

In the picture above, note the sticker showing the correct sash opening.