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Standard Operating Procedure (Extremely Hazardous Materials) and Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)


Hazardous Communication (Hazcom) Training and Quizzes

In order to provide training on Hazardous Communication, we use OSHA's free online training site. There is a training module and a quiz that you must take. Please read the instructions given below before following the link to the online training.

Follow the link to the training at the bottom of the page.

To have your results sent to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, you must fill in the information at the top of the quiz page. Use these guidelines to help you:

  1. First Name and Last Name:
    Enter your own first and last names.
  2. Trainee SSN or Employee No:
    You can just enter your Clark University email address here.
  3. Your score will be mailed to:
    Enter the email address for the Chemical Safety Officer,