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Ethidium Bromide Waste

Solid Ethidium Bromide Waste

Solid ethidium bromide waste, gels for example, should be collected in closed, properly labeled containers and brought to the chemical safety officer(X7280) for disposition.

Liquid Ethidium Bromide Waste

Liquid ethidium bromide waste with a concentration less than 1.0 g/ml should be filtered via AMRESCO Destaining Bags. Use 1 bag per liter of waste. Destaining bags have a more limited effectiveness at higher concentrations of ethidium bromide and this waste poses a larger hazard to health and the environment.To use the bags all you need to do is drop one into your solution, periodically swirl it around a few times, and let it stand overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and collect it as solid ethidium bromide waste. Then perform a spot check of the solution using a UV transilluminator to see if it fluoresces. If it does not, approximately 99% of the ethidium bromide has been removed and the solution is now safe to pour down the sink (if no other hazards are present). To order Destaining Bags, contact Frank Abell (X7280).

Liquid ethidium bromide waste with a concentration equal to or above 1.0 g/ml should be collected as any other chemical waste, in closed, properly labeled containers, and turned in to the stockroom for disposal.