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CUFit: Health and Safety

To learn more about Seasonal Tips and Tricks, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to get information on Fall Safety, Winter, Spring, and Summer Safety Tips along with many more.+

National Institutes of Health: Ergonomics at Work

For a collection of online heatlh and fitness tips to help achieve a higher level of health the A to Z Wellness website is designed to provide resources that may assist your success in becoming healthier.

Visit WebMD to find information on health topics, drugs & supplements, living healthy, and more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides a number of links to variety of health topics and activities

Additional Resources on Lyme Disease

Health and Wellness Advisory Group Members

Cherilyn Bonin, Student Success Specialist
Ashley Brewer, Office Assistant, Language, Literature and Culture
Mara Brown, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Trish Cronin, Director of Athletics
Andrew Dzaugis, Science Librarian
Sharon Griffin Edson, Help Desk Coordinator
Robin Huntley, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Research and Projects
Elyana Kadish, Title IX/Wellness Program Manager
Megan Kersting, Director Counseling Services
Susan Leo-Johnson, Assistant Director, Human Resources
Lynn Levey, Assistant Dean of Wellness and Campus Title IX Coordinator
Shawn McGuirk, Counselor and Community Education Coordinator
Arundhati Nag, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Gregory White, Head Athletic Trainer