Information Technology Services

Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services

One of the many competencies that liberally educated students need is to be fluent in selecting and using technologies to solve problems, communicate with others, and present ideas. Positioned to support both teaching as well as event needs, the Academic Technology team partners with faculty and students as they go about incorporating and mastering those competencies.

Our Mission

As part of Information Technology Services, Academic Technology Services (ATS) facilitates the innovative and imaginative use of technologies to enhance and strengthen teaching, learning and scholarship at Clark.

Our Approach

ATS actively partners with faculty, staff, and students to imagine ways to use technology to meet academic goals. We:

  • consult with faculty regarding use of technologies to solve pedagogical challenges and achieve LEEP learning outcomes;
  • develop applications, learning modules, videos and web sites to support curricular needs;
  • provide AV for events, "smart" classrooms, equipment loans, and other technology resources to support Clark activities;
  • explore current and emerging technology tools and consider how they might be used at Clark to achieve or enhance its objectives;
  • provide (or source) software platforms used to support events, learning (face-to-face and blended), and faculty work;
  • facilitate training sessions with students and/or faculty to increase capacities and fluency with technologies.

Our Values

We don't think technology should replace face-to-face relationships and communication, but that it can be used to enhance and facilitate them.

We believe that when done well, technology can enhance learning significantly.

We recognize that using technology for teaching/learning/scholarship can often be time consuming, but we work diligently in our partnerships to ensure that constraints of time and learning curves are balanced and accounted for in the solutions we suggest and develop.

We believe technology should empower, not enslave.