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Room Pricing

Proctoring/Delivery may be required for use of these rooms/resources.

General "Smart" Classrooms no charge no charge $200
Labs (JC103, JC105) (31/33 Windows-based computers available, respectively, per room, 8 computer minimum, software installation extra) no charge no charge $25 per computer
Wireless network access for events/conference participants^^ $100 $200 $300

*The laptop cart has limited availability, it is not available for reservation for regular class meetings (i.e. every class session) for those types of requests one of the computer labs on campus should be reserved.

^^Access will be granted via a passphrase that will be unique to the event and will be provided to the event sponsor to manage (i.e. it will be up to him/her to communicate to their event guests how to connect to Clark's wireless network during their stay). This service requires at least 10 business day notice to set up and configure.