Information Technology Services

AV on Personally-Owned Computers

A personally-owned computer is any student machine or faculty/staff machine that is not managed by ITS but that is being brought to campus to connect to the Clark network.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for the behavior of any personally-owned computer that will be connected to the campus network (wired or WiFi). Therefore you must take all reasonable precautions, including running antivirus software and keeping the virus definitions up to date.

To that end, the University has licensed antivirus software for all students and provided links to quality free antivirus software for faculty and staff personal computers. The following linked pages will provide downloadable antivirus installers for your personally-owned computer and will automatically update with newly released virus definitions as they are released.

Before installing any antivirus software: double check and remove any existing programs; instructions are provided below.

Update Your AV

It is imperative that you keep your AV software up to date with the latest virus definitions or .dat files. Antivirus software is generally updated daily. Make sure that you are getting those updates! If you aren't sure how to check that your AV is up to date, please follow the appropriate directions below to get the latest updates:

How to Run a Scan

It is important for the health of your computer to run a virus scan on a weekly basis. If you aren't sure how to run a scan, please follow the appropriate directions below to scan your computer.

How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

If you are uncertain how to remove the McAfee VirusScan software, here are some instructions that can help.