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Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date

Windows Update is a powerful tool that Microsoft provides to help keep Windows machines up to date. It is always a good idea to visit the Windows Update site from time to time to make sure your computer has the latest updates. Make sure to install the security fixes and other patches that Microsoft recommends. Visit the Windows Update site.

Apple provides a method for updating Mac OS X with important security updates and operating system enhancements. Similar to Windows Update, Apple has built the Software Update function directly into OS X. It is important to periodically check for updates to keep your Apple computer safe. Apple maintains directions on using the Software Update tool on the Apple support site.

Now that you have your operating system up-to-date, checking the software you use regularly for updates is next step in keeping things working well and your computer protected. Each program might can have a unique way to check for and apply updates; some programs even try to install toolbars or other spyware on your computer as part of the update: check what you are selecting and agreeing to whenever you install software.

Some commonly used software with their current versions: