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The information below is about ITS supported printing in the computer labs and print rooms on campus. You might also be interested in:



Color printing is available

The color printer is located in the copy room, 2nd floor Goddard Library. The pricing for color is $0.30 per single sided page and $0.57 for a duplex page.

OneCard Printing

All students at Clark receive a free printing allowance each semester which may be redeemed in any community printing area (e.g., printing in public labs, the Goddard Library, etc.). The free printing allocations (per semester) are distributed to all active students as follows:

  • $35 – Fall Semester (renewed in late August)
  • $35 – Spring Semester (renewed in early January)
  • $14 – Summer Semester (renewed in late May)

Thirty-five dollars is the equivalent to 500 B&W double-sided pages; $14 is equivalent to 200 B&W double-sided pages (to provide up to 1200 pages annually). When the allocation is used up, students can still print at a cost of $.10 per page single-sided or $.07 per page double-sided page (example: $0.14 for a double-sided page printed on a single sheet of paper).

Print jobs can be submitted by printing from any public computer or computer lab on campus. Print jobs can also be submitted via email. This allows you to print documents from your personal laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any device you can email from. To submit print jobs via email to MobilePrint:

  1. Send an email from your Clark email account to with each document you want to print as an attachment. Documents will be printed in B&W. If you wish to print color, send the email to Attachments must be a PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, OpenOffice, Image (GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP), or text document.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email letting you know your documents are ready.
  3. Release the documents from any print release station on campus. Each attachment will be a unique print job.

Print jobs submitted from email are always duplexed and are billed at the same per page rate as print jobs submitted from a public computer. Check out our FAQ’s below for information on how to submit jobs from non-Clark email accounts, where print release stations are on campus, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need my Clark OneCard in order to print?
    • Your Clark OneCard ID is now mandatory in order to print. If you do not have your OneCard ID, you will not be able to print. Please note that the bypass queue that was available while the system was being tested has been removed and is no longer available.

  • My OneCard is worn/bent/cracked; will I still be able to get my prints?
    • There is a magnetic stripe on the back of your OneCard. This stripe is used to match your print documents to you. If your card is not properly cared for, the magnetic stripe can be damaged. The University charges for ID card replacements and after you receive a new ID, it can take up-to 2 hours before you can retrieve your prints. If you lose your ID, please report it to the OneCard office as soon as possible. Someone else cannot use your ID to pay for their own prints since print jobs are tied to your Clark Account login; but all other services on your OneCard are still at risk.

  • How do I use a print release station?
  • What will a print job cost?
    • The cost of your print job will depend on the number of pages you print and whether you choose to print the document single or double sided. A black & white, single sided print will cost $0.10 per page and a black & white, double-sided print will cost $0.07 per page (example: $0.14 for a two page document printed on a single double sided page); when an odd number of pages is printed via duplex, the last page will be charged at the single sided print rate.

  • What about color printing?
    • The cost of your print job will depend on the number of pages you print and whether you choose to print the document single or double sided. A color, single sided print will cost $0.30 per page and color, double-sided print will cost $0.57 per page (example: $0.60 for a two page document printed on a single double sided page); when an odd number of pages is printed via duplex, the last page will be charged at the single sided print rate.

  • Where can I pick up a print job from?
    • There are currently 11 print release stations that allow you to print with local computers and pick your document(s) up at any of the locations on campus:

      • Academic Commons Plaza: 2 printers by the ITS Help Desk
      • Bio-Physics classroom 310: 1 printer in the room
      • Fuller Multimedia Lab in Traina Center: 1 printer for PostScript printing
      • Goddard Library 2nd, 3rd & 5th floors: 2 black & white printers and 1 color on the 2nd floor; 1 printer on the 3rd & 5th floors
      • GSOM computer lab 104 & 105: 1 printer outside the labs
      • Higgins University Center: 1 printer to the left of the Information Desk on the 1st floor
      • IDCE computer lab: 1 printer in the basement lab
      • Jonas Clark outside JC101
      • Dana Commons
  • Can I print in one lab and pick my print up in another lab?
    • You can visit any of the print release stations on campus to retrieve your document (with the exception of the printer in the Fuller Multimedia Lab). If you go to a print release station and see a note that the printer is out of order, do not release the print job. Simply go to another print release station and print there.

  • Once I print or send the email with my documents to MobilePrint, how long do I have to release them?
    • Documents printed or submitted via MobilePrint will be available to print up to four hours after they are submitted. After that, they are no longer available to print and would need to be printed or emailed again.

  • I forward my ClarkMail; how do I submit print jobs to MobilePrint from a non-Clark email account?
    • Email or from the non-Clark email account that you want to print from. You’ll get a reply with instructions on how to link your OneCard to your non-Clark email address.

  • How do I know my documents were submitted to MobilePrint OK?
    • You will get a confirmation email after you send the email. Your jobs will not be ready to be released until you receive that email. If there was a problem with any of your attachments, those issues will be detailed in this confirmation email.

  • What kind of documents can I attach to an email for MobilePrint?
    • You can submit attachments as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, OpenOffice, Image (GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP), or text document. If you have another document type you need to print, you can use any public computer on campus that can view your document to print it.

  • I don’t have any attachments, I just want to print the body of an email with MobilePrint, can I?
    • You cannot print the body of a message. When you go to release your print jobs, you will only see the attachments listed on the release station.

  • Can I use MobilePrint as much as I want?
    • In order to prevent abuse, there are some limits to MobilePrint. You can submit up to 10 documents per one email message and you can submit up to 50 email messages per day.

  • I emailed documents to MobilePrint I don’t want to print. Can I delete them or will I be charged?
    • If you print from MobilePrint or from a computer, you are only charged for jobs once you swipe your OneCard at a release station and release a specific job. You can see the cost on the release station before you commit to releasing it. You are not charged at the point you send an email or print from a computer. The documents will automatically be deleted after a few hours. You can delete documents submitted to MobilePrint manually if you wish by going to Once logged in using your Clark Account credentials, you can manage your documents.

  • Can I change print settings once I email a document using MobilePrint?
    • Documents submitted via email are automatically set to duplex on letter size paper. You can change the duplex settings by going to after you have submitted the job. Only jobs submitted via MobilePrint will appear at; jobs submitted from a public computer will not. If you need more advanced setting control, you can print from any public computer on campus that can view your document.

  • I sent an email and I don’t see my documents when I swipe my OneCard at a release station. What happened?
    • Once you send the email to MobilePrint, you will get a confirmation email back once the documents are ready to be printed. Your documents will not be available to be released until you receive that confirmation email. If there are errors with any of your attachments, the reason for the error will be detailed in that confirmation email. If you ever have any questions, you can contact the ITS Help Desk at, 508-793-7745, or visit us in the Academic Commons at Goddard Library.

  • I sent a document to, but I really wanted it in B&W. Do I need to resend it?
    • No. If you go to a printer that can only print in B&W, then the job will be printed in B&W, and you will be charged the B&W rate. In order for a job to be printed in color, it must be sent to and the printer that the job is being released on must be a color printer. Currently, the only color printer on campus is on the second floor of the Goddard Library.

  • What can I use my printing allowance for?
    • The University currently provides enough funds for a total of up to 1200 pages annually. The funds for this printing cannot be redeemed for cash, transferred to another OneCard fund, transferred to another individual's ID, or carried over between semesters.

  • How do I check how much is on my OneCard to pay for prints with?
    • To check the balance of your OneCard funds, sign into and view live OneCard balances via the Clark OneCard Balances channel (see for more info). You will also be able to see your Printing Allowance and Cash Card ballance each time you swipe your card at a print release station.

  • How does purchasing prints with your OneCard work?
    • Documents can only be released for printing if there are sufficient funds on your OneCard. The print management system will utilize funds in your Print Allowance first, if available. The deduction occurs once you select Print at the release station. If the cost for printing your document exceeds the funds available in your Print Allowance, the system will utilize the Cash Card fund on your OneCard to pay for the entire job. The system is NOT capable of splitting the charge across two separate funds. If you would like to utilize your entire Print Allowance fund before you tap into your Cash Card fund, you will need to manually split your document into two sections so that the first group of pages will consume your remaining Print Allowance funds, and the second can be deducted from your Cash Card funds.

  • How can I get more funds on my OneCard to print with?
    • The free printing allocation will be replenished before the start of each academic semester. Any remaining funds from the previous semester will be removed before the next semester's allocation is provided. In order to print more than what is given as part of the University's free printing allocation, you will need to put money onto the Cash Card fund portion of your OneCard. These funds will carry over between semesters and can be used for other services on campus.

      Funds can be deposited into your Cash Card account through the Cashier's Office. You may do this in person at ASEC room 318, by mail or by telephone at (508) 793-7422. You may deposit these funds using a check, cash or credit card. The funds are posted to your Cash Card within an hour.

      Students can also add to their cash balance by making a deposit online anytime, day or night, through CUWeb. Payments can be made using an ACH Check or a credit card (additional fees apply to credit card transactions). To do so, go to the CUWeb Main Menu from the YOU portal, select "Student Account Information", select "View and pay student account", then under your account go to "click here to make a payment (click here)". Select "Add money to cash card" from the list. Please allow one hour for the deposit to be reflected in your OneCard balance.

  • How long will it take for new Cash Card funds to be available for use?
    • When you add funds to your OneCard, the funds will be available within one hour of being added.

  • Can someone help me if I can't get a print job released?
    • The ITS Help Desk has tools at their disposal to track down why your print job cannot be released. Depending on the problem, the Help Desk may be able to manually print a document at a cost of $0.10 per document page (double or single-sided). The Help Desk does not have the resources to do this under any circumstance other than an emergency.

  • Who can help me if I'm having trouble with a printer?
    • All problems with the print management system and attached printers should be reported to the ITS Help Desk immediately. If the printer becomes jammed during your print job, please contact the ITS Help Desk and let the ITS technician resolve the problem. The ITS Help Desk has tools at their disposal to track down why your print job cannot be released and can assist with poorly printed documents. The entire print job will need to be brought to the ITS Help Desk for evaluation before a new job will be reprinted at no charge.

  • What are some strategies that I can employ to reduce my printing needs?
    • There are a number of strategies that you can employ to reduce your printing needs here: Think Before You Ink [PDF]. If you have other suggestions, please send them to so that we can incorporate them into this document.