Information Technology Services

Submission Guidelines

Content must be submitted electronically via the CUBBS online submission page a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the first date the content is to be displayed on CUBBS. All content submissions must include the following information:

    • First name, last name, phone number and email address of the submitter
    • Group/organization being represented
    • Start date and end date for content display, not to exceed 14 days
    • A single JPEG or ZIP archive of JPEG images of the digital slides

In order to post an announcement, you must be a member of authority for a registered student club/organization, campus governance unit, academic unit, campus departments/office or University committee to display content (digital slides) on CUBBS. Only one message per event, promotion or activity is permitted; and depending on the utilization of the system, groups/organizations may be limited to up to three messages at any one time. All messages must be for the benefit of the Clark community and will be reviewed for appropriateness and content prior to posting on the system. Some examples of appropriate content include:

    • Messages directly targeted towards Clark students, faculty and staff
    • Messages that highlight activities occurring on campus
    • Important dates and deadlines related to the academic calendar
    • Special events at Clark or being held for the benefit of the Clark community
    • Important dates for University opening and closings
    • Congratulations to University departments, organizations and/or Clarkies for awards and honors
    • Messages for incoming students and special visitors
    • Important weather and national news updates when necessary

The accuracy of posted information is the responsibility of the person, group or office submitting content. Verbose messages or grammatical errors will be returned for revision before approval is given, and inappropriate language/topics will not be accepted. Message submissions must include a desired start date and end date that does not to exceed 14 days - open ended/continuous announcements will not be approved.

The ITS Help Desk serves as the clearinghouse for all messages to be placed on CUBBS. The ITS Help Desk reserves the right to reject or cancel content (e.g. announcements and advertisements) at anytime for any reason, due to appropriateness of content, length and availability of space or message duration on the system.