Information Technology Services

Logging in to Protected Resources

Logging in to ClarkNet resources generally always requires three elements:

  • Your username (not case sensitive)
  • Your password (case sensitive)
  • Your domain (not case sensitive

Which Domain?

All Clark students are in the Students domain.
Clark Faculty and Staff are in the Clarku domain.

How to Login:

The way you provide these credentials may differ based on the login box provided. Most web resources will provide a "domain" text box or drop-down where you can select your domain. See the image below for an example of this:

Login with Domain Box Provided

login prompt with a domain box provided

Login - No Domain Box Provided

When no "domain" field is provided, it is always a good idea to supply your domain as a prefix to your username, like this: domain\username. It is important that the slash you use in this instance is a backslash (\) NOT a forwardslash (NOT /). See the image below.

login prompt without a domain box