Information Technology Services

Email List Server

The List Server allows for the creation and management of subscribed mailing lists. Lists can be used for one-way distribution of information, email-based discussions, question and answer, etc. Messages delivered via the list server are delivered directly to subscribers' mailboxes.

Lists can be created for faculty, administrative offices, academic departments, or student organizations. Student organizations must fill out a Technology Service Activation Form prior to requesting this service.

Each list must have an "owner", an individual who manages the list's behavior on behalf of his/her group.

The general categories of lists are:

  • Open/Closed Announcement Lists
    These are typically used to distribute information one-way. The owner of the list can choose how membership is determined. They can also control who has permissions to send information to the list.
  • Open/Closed Discussion Lists
    Subscribers to the list may submit information to be distributed to the list. In this way a discussion among members of the list is facilitated.

Guidelines & Policies

Please refer to the Email Mailing List Policy that governs interactions with the list server prior to requesting the creation of a mailing list.