Information Technology Services

Wired ClarkNet

ClarkNet, or the Clark University campus network, is a modern, switched local-area-network (LAN). It is designed to provide fast and reliable networking services for students, faculty, and staff and routinely updated to incorporate the newest technologies.

Access to ClarkNet is provided in all offices, academic buildings, computing labs, the library and every residence hall room.

Getting Connected

There are several settings that allow your computer to communicate with the network. Changing these settings is fairly simple - see the Help Docs below:

Your Responsibility

In order to use ClarkNet, every computer must complete a series of health checks, which happens automatically when you go through the registration process. Your computer is checked for the presence of updated antivirus software and for current security patches. Once your computer has passed its health check, your machine's hardware address is recorded and you are allowed onto the network. Your registration will last for six months. After six months, you will be required to register your computer again.

You are responsible to keep your computer up-to-date and to maintain updated antivirus software.

Troubleshooting a Connection

Most networking problems can be resolved quickly by contacting the Help Desk. Users should call (508) 793-7745