Information Technology Services

Password Security

The most important part of password security is keeping your password private. Do not give your ClarkNet credentials to others and do not login with your credentials and let others use your resources.

Strong Passwords

Having a strong password is important. A strong password is defined as at least 14 characters long, and must contain characters from at least 3 of the following 4 classes: upper case letters, lower case letters, Arabic numerals, and special characters (except for the apostrophe ').

Having a strong password will help protect your account from people who might try and gain access by guessing at passwords people usually chose from (pet names, home towns, family members, etc).

Whenever you receive a new password for any account it is always a good idea to change it. There may be times that the default password you are given is not secure because of the manner in which it was selected or generated. It is also a good idea to change any passwords you have on at least a yearly basis. Doing so will help keep your identify safe by minimizing the chances that someone might guess or discover your password and then be able to use it to access your account.

  • Minimum password length of 8 characters, suggested length of 14
  • Cannot be one of your previous five passwords
  • Cannot contain three or more characters from the user's account name
  • Cannot contain spaces or non-English characters
  • Will expire 365 days after it was set
  • Must contain 3 of the following categories of special characters except for the apostrophe '
    • Uppercase English letter (A to Z)
    • Lowercase English letter (a to z)
    • Number 0 to 9
    • Non-alphanumeric (!, #, $, & , =, etc...)


Don't forget to change your password in locations that may remember it (i.e. wireless settings, VPN client, mobile email clients).