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Unix Computing on Black


Black is being decomissioned as of 9/15/2015

The service known as “Black” which hosts UNIX shell accounts and student websites will be removed from the ITS portfolio on September 15, 2015.ITS is not going to be replacing this server/service.

You should take action prior to that if you wish to preserve any files or set up alternative services. You may need (or want) to take action because of this change:

  • You may want to login to your account to backup any files you have there to an alternate location.

  • If you are a student and wish to have a personal website, you may want to login to your account to extract files and then recreate your site on a host like,, Google Sites, Blue Host, etc.. Each of those services differ in its offering and complexity. If you need assistance in determining which best meets your needs, please let us know. Faculty members may want to have a website hosted at

  • If you need UNIX shell access in addition to web services (including compiling and programming tools) consider services such as Nyx, SDF, Polarhome, Amazon Web Services. They might be a better fit for you.

New account requests for Black are no longer being fulfilled.

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