Information Technology Services

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the practice of collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting on web usage data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its audience and how to optimize its usage (definition by the Web Analytics Association).

Clark uses Google Analytics primarily as it's analytics tool.

Download the Analytics Presentation [PDF]

Web Analytics for Specific Marketing Campaigns

Google Analytics is very useful in tracking the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns when tied to specific web content. If you have a marketing campaign such as a mailing that corresponds with some specific official University web pages, talk to University Communications about integrating that mailing/campaign with a shortcut URL so that we may track the effectiveness of the campaign with our analytics tools.

Requesting Reports

The web development team can discuss with you the capabilities and limitations of web analytics and the practical application of the available data, that is: realistic business objectives for our website; the development of key performance indicators that are both actionable and measurable; and reporting requirements.

We invite you to take advantage of web analytics. Please contact us to talk about your specific needs.