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Fiat Lux Logo - Clark University

Above: The Clark University logo; horizontal with tagline

Clark University Logo Guidelines

The Clark University logo serves to identify the University in all forms of communication. Please adhere to the guidelines put forth in the Brand Identity Style Guide. If you need logos for apparel embroidery or online use, please contact Marketing and Communications directly.

We have conveniently packaged the Brand Identity Style Guide and Logos into a single downloadable file, which contains the following:

  • Logo Folder
    • for Microsoft Office (PNG)
    • for Print Vendors (EPS)
  • Brand Identity Style Guide [PDF]
    • Guidelines for logo usage
    • Color palette
    • Font Usage
    • Dos and Don'ts
Download style guide and logos »
Clark University Style Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the change made?
The Fiat Lux insignia became the official logo of the University as of April 22, 2015. All Clark University departments, centers, institutes, programs and University-sanctioned organizations should now be using the logo on any new marketing or communications materials, advertisements, signage, websites, emails and social media.
Why was the logo changed?
The imagery of the sun illuminating an open book with the words Fiat Lux has been the University's seal since 1892, and now has been formalized as the official logo, replacing the "shield" image. Research commissioned by Clark University in summer 2013 across an audience of higher education peers, graduate and undergraduate prospects, and guidance counselors found that academic rigor and excellence were perceived at a significantly higher level for the image of the seal when compared to the shield logo. The Fiat Lux logo change has earned the endorsement of the Board of Trustees as a truer reflection of Clark's educational values.
Do I need new stationery? Can I use what I have?
The Fiat Lux logo should be used on all University communications. We strongly encourage the use of electronic stationery which is more consistent with today's mode of communication and is in line with Clark's commitment to sustainability. E-stationery can be personalized in the same way as printed stationery and you can download a template.
What was the cost of designing the revised logo?
There was no cost. The logo was designed in-house by Clark University Marketing and Communications.
Who should I contact if I need help and have questions?
If you have further questions, please contact Keith Carville, creative director, at 508-793-7696, or Lori Fearebay, creative services manager, at 508-793-7746.