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Friends and neighbors
Daily Hampshire Gazette 02/06/2016
Clark University senior Caleb Boas completed his project Invasive Species Management at an Urban Wildlife Sanctuary, which was funded through Clarks Liberal Education and Effective Practice, (LEEP) initiative. Boas worked with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, surveying the area of Broad Meadow Brook. He identified and marked invasive plant species including asiatic bittersweet, Japanese knotweed, purple loosestrife, garlic mustard, and common reed. Boas, who studies geography, is a member of the class of 2016 at Clark. He is a member of The Clark Bars a cappella group.

Markets slide on uncertainty over US rates after latest jobs figures - as it happened
Forbes 02/05/2016
The latest labor market gauge from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is sure to cause discussion in Washington and on Wall Street. The payroll count was surprisingly low, while underlying data surprised on the upside including the lowest unemployment rate since February 2008. Gary Chaison, professor of industrial relations at Clark University, wrote in an emailed comment: There is no joy in this months jobs report and no sign that things have turned around. The recovery isnt happening, it isnt expanding and the labor participation rate is holding. While wages are up a bit, it isnt enough to make an impact. Chaisons comments also ran in The Guardian (London).

Clark University grants first-ever doctoral degree in Armenian Genocide studies to Khatchig Mouradian
Public Radio of Armenia 02/05/2016
Clark University is privileged to stand at the forefront in establishing the Armenian Genocide as a distinct focus of doctoral study, setting a landmark on Jan. 5, when Khatchig Mouradian became the first student to complete a Ph.D. in Armenian Genocide Studies at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Mouradian defended his dissertation, Genocide and Humanitarian Assistance in Ottoman Syria (1915-1917), before Professors Taner Akҫam and Debrah Dwork, who served as co-directors of his dissertation committee. This news also ran on Armenian Weekly and Armenian News Australia.

How Risk Management Can Adapt to an Era of ‘Truly Remarkable’ Change
Knowledge @ Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) 02/05/2016
The 10 costliest natural disasters in modern history have occurred since 1985, the year when the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center was launched. In late October, the 30th anniversary of the Center offered a timely opportunity to envision the future of risk management at an all-day conference at Wharton. Such an approach at long-term visioning will likely involve a very different way for assessing risks, noted Roger Kasperson, professor of geography at Clark University. Already, We are in the midst of a major methodological change in the way we analyze hazards.

Worcester awarded grant to target gang violence and youth crime
Worcester Telegram and Gazette 02/04/2016
The city has been awarded a half-million dollar grant to target gang violence and youth crime. City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. announced Wednesday the Police Department will use the $506,992 state-funded grant to pursue priorities in the citywide Youth Violence Prevention Initiative launched in June. The grant provided through the Shannon Community Safety Initiative award will be used for programs aimed at helping youths primarily ages 12 to 17 and others. Also, Clark University received $60,000 to serve as a partner to the city to provide research and analytical support for the citys Shannon programs. This news was also covered by the Worcester Business Journal, Worcester Mag and