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Lack of Wage Growth No Great Mystery in U.S. Jobs Market 02/03/2016
The absence of wage growth even as the U.S. jobs market has tightened in recent months has been portrayed as something of a mystery, a quandary that has vexed and perplexed economists and policy makers alike. Gary Chaison, professor of Industrial Relations at Clark University, said he fears the overall recovery is illusory because the quantity of the jobs being created has overshadowed their lack of quality. In other words, there are lots of jobs being created but they arent the good paying, fulltime jobs that spur consumer confidence and help drive up consumer demand. This story also ran on Yahoo! Finance.

Same switches program taste and smell in fruit flies 02/03/2016
A new study sheds light on how fruit flies get their keen sense of smell. Duke University biologist Pelin Volkan and colleagues have identified a set of genetic control switches that interact early in a fly's development to generate dozens of types of olfactory neurons, specialized nerve cells for smell. Authors include Qingyun Li, Scott Barish, Sumie Okuwa and Abigail Maciejewski of Duke, Alicia Brandt and Corbin Jones of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Dominik Reinhold of Clark University. This research was supported by the National Science Foundation.

“Let us be heard”: Burundi’s refugees tell stories of ethnic targeting 02/03/2016
Samantha Lakin, a doctoral student at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, authored this article, which begins: Near the small town of Gashora in Rwanda, about 20km north of the border with Burundi, hundreds of children and their mothers sit outside tents (or hangers) branded with the UNHCR logo. Young boys play football in worn clothing as they pass the time, while malnourished babies lie in a row awaiting treatment from a special medical tent.

Worcester colleges make best 'bang for your buck' Princeton Review list
Worcester Business Journal 02/03/2016
The latest list from the Princeton Review gave Worcesters Clark University, College of the Holy Cross and Worcester Polytechnic Institute high marks for their return on educational and financial investment for students. The Princeton Review's 2016 Colleges That Pay You Back book is a list of 200 colleges that offer a combination of academics, affordability and career prospects. In addition to making the list of 200, Clark University was ranked third among schools for students wishing to make an impact, behind University of North Carolina at Asheville in the first spot and Minnesota's Macalester College in second place. This news was also covered by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, and

What Makes a ‘Best Value’ College?
Huffington Post 02/02/2016
In the field of college rankings, there is currently a whole slew of lists that claim to cover best value schools. Each one is a little different. So what qualifies as value when it comes to the skyrocketing cost of college and exactly what it buys students? As a result, these 200 schools are diverse in academic offerings, size, region, and type and we break out additional ranking lists, like Best Schools for Making an Impact, based on student responses to survey questions covering community service, student government, sustainability, and student engagement on campus. This article lists the Princeton Reviews top five schools for making an impact; Clark University is at number 3.