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Climate Change Raises a Troubling Question: Who Gets to Eat?
Inside Climate News 01/21/2016
Policymakers on Capitol Hill got a dire warning that climate change threatens food production, safety and affordability. Ed Carr, a professor of international development, community and environment at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., used wheat production in northwestern Europe and rice production in eastern Asia to illustrate that tenuous balance. Together, those two regions produce one-third of the world's grain crops.

Worcester to tap snow budget for tow reimbursements, could total $44K
Worcester Telegram & Gazette 01/21/2016
Reimbursements to people whose cars were towed during Mondays parking ban kerfuffle will come from the citys snow and ice account and could total about $44,000. ... David Eschen, a Clark University graduate student whose car was towed from in front of his off-campus home, said the towing fee wasn't his main issue. We were more upset that we felt (the city was) maybe trying to pull one over on us, he said a suspicion he no longer holds.

UN Holocaust Remembrance Week
Connecticut Jewish Ledger 01/21/2016
Key questions to be addressed include how to expand teacher training and Holocaust education around the world; how to adapt to a changing environment with the rise of multicultural classroom settings and fewer and fewer eye witnesses to testify to the Holocaust and what role international organizations have to play in the field. Panellists will include Debrah Dwork, Rose Professor and Holocaust History, founding director of Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University; and several others.

Clark U. Professor Ross to Host Lecture on The Horrors of Sweatshops
Go Local Worcester 01/20/2016
Clark University professor Robert Ross will host Dying for Fashion: A First-Hand Report on the Hidden Cost of Our Clothes on Monday, January 25 at 4 p.m. at Higgins Lounge at Clark's Dana Commons. Ross will talk about the conditions of the global apparel business, where profits are outweighing the livelihood of workers. The event is free and open to the public.

Hoverboards banned from many college campuses in the region
Worcester Telegram & Gazette 01/19/2016
At Clark University, students are permitted to use hoverboards in outdoor spaces on campus. But they are not permitted to enter academic, social or residential buildings with them. The rationale is simple. The fire hazard existing with these devices far outweighs the joy of their recreational use, said Adam J. Keyes, interim associate dean of students/director of residential life and housing at Clark.