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Many scholars contributed to inventing trigonometry
Daily Herald (Chicago) 01/18/2016
Who is the person that discovered trigonometry? asked a young Schaumburg Township District Library patron who attended the Summer Scientists program. Trigonometry is, of course, very old, and no single person could be said to have discovered it. It is a subject with many applications in the sciences and engineering, said Lynn Narasimhan, director and professor of the college of Science and Health at DePaul University. Narasimhan suggests Clark Universitys Dave's Short Trig Course website for specific information about trigonometry. Daves Short Trig Course is run by Clark Professor David E. Joyce.

Superlatives Notwithstanding, Even ‘The Forces’ Has Its Limits
All Things Considered (National Public Radio) 01/18/2016
Alumnus Bob Mondello authored this segment, which begins, Biggest, fastest, highest,'s hard to talk about The Force Awakens without superlatives. When I went to Clark University, there were two count 'em, TWO movie screens anywhere near our campus in Worcester, Massachusetts, and for very nearly my entire freshman year and believe me, I remember this one of them was playing Doctor Zhivago. The other was playing Sound of Music. This segment ran on NPR member stations across the country.

A year after arrests, Black Lives Matter protesters return to Kelley Square
Worcester Telegram and Gazette 01/18/2016
Returning to Kelley Square a year after four people were arrested there during a Black Lives Matter protest, demonstrators came forward to demand social reforms and civil rights for all once again. Alex Rothfelder, 22, a Clark University senior and member of the Socialist Alternative, spoke during a brief rally held in the parking lot next to the Crompton Collective building overlooking Kelley Square. Mr. Rothfelder called for a raise in the minimum wage to $15 and an independent review board of the Worcester Police Department. The small crowd cheered.

King's dream, Obama's hope, today's struggle intertwine across Central Mass.
Worcester Telegram and Gazette 01/17/2016
Monday commemorates what, this year, would have been the 87th birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Obama's election came after a lengthy war and a global financial meltdown. Having come off of eight years with President George W. Bush in office, a fiscal crisis that severely affected African-Americans, (Hurricane) Katrina, and a general impression captured by Kanye West that George Bush doesnt give a damn about black people, Id say people were very hopeful that (Mr. Obamas) election symbolized a change towards a future where race no longer prevented black Americans from all corners of American life, Ousmane Power-Greene, an associate professor of history at Clark University and specialist in African-American social and political movements, wrote in an email.

The blues at WAM: Exhibition examines the rise, fall, and rise again of cyanotype photographic process
Worcester Telegram and Gazette 01/17/2016
A lot of the scholarship to date has mostly been about the technical aspects of the process, but the WAM show takes that a step further, according to Kristina Wilson, associate professor of visual and performing arts at Clark University. Wilson was co-curator of the show with Nancy Kathryn Burns, WAM's assistant curator of prints, drawings and photographs. Our shared interests were more how cyanotypes are meaningful as works of art and what is the resonance of this blue, Wilson said. And also what has been their social status because there has been this really interesting shift from the early 20th century til now.