University Marketing and Communications

Publicity for Events

Clark University hosts dozens of scholarly lectures, panels, exhibits and film screenings each year. Following is a checklist and basic guidelines for Clark event sponsors and organizing groups who seek help with publicity.

  • Date and day
  • Type of event (lecture, concert, exhibit, etc.)
  • Time (start/end)
  • Place (include street address where possible)
  • Title
  • Speaker name and bio
  • Brief description of event
  • Cost
  • Sponsoring organization/department(s)
  • Contact name, email, and phone number

Publicizing events on campus

Once confirmed, event details can be submitted to ClarkYOU (campuswide communication portal for faculty, staff, and students) and posted on the Social Web.

The Social Web informs the community at large and feeds into many local newspaper events listings. Your Social Web entry will also appear automatically on Clark's master calendar of events.


ClarkYOU is a campuswide communications vehicle for faculty and staff. Any member of the Clark Community can post a submission in any of four categories:

  • Campus News and Events
  • Faculty and Staff Notes
  • Student News
  • or Marketplace.

Campus News and Events postings include any events that are sponsored by and open to the Clark community (if it's something that is listed in the above Calendar of Events, it should be listed in the Campus News and Events category). This ClarkYOU channel also includes significant news items and announcements with broad appeal.

Faculty and Staff Notes include announcements of significant achievements as well as business- or work-related messages.

Student News includes posts about student accomplishments and announcements for students from Clark administration. Events and activities listings should be posted on the student events LINK website.

Marketplace is a free space for Clark students or employees to advertise items for sale or trade.

Read our step-by-step instructions on posting to ClarkYOU. Any questions about the portal should be directed to Melissa Lynch at ext. 7441.

Publicizing events off campus

If you think your speaker may be of interest to a general audience, or if you believe the speaker/topic is newsworthy, please contact Media Relations to alert them to details of your event. (See checklist above.)

  • As much as a four-week lead time is often required by newspapers in order for them to publish your event details.
  • If possible, send a JPEG of the speaker or an image related to your topic.
  • Indicate if your speaker is willing to be interviewed by the media in advance, during or after your event.

Note that the number of events on campus and the unpredictable nature of the news media/news cycle make advance publicity or coverage of your event impossible to guarantee.

Please feel free to contact the Media Relations office with questions or concerns.

Jane Salerno
Director of Media Relations

Angela M. Bazydlo
Associate Director of Media Relations

Melissa Lynch
Assistant Director of Editorial Services

Jim Keogh
Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications