University Marketing and Communications

Publicity for Faculty

Faculty experts

Faculty who share their expertise with the press help promote Clark to prospective students and their families throughout the country. Alumni and friends of the University also gain a sense of pride when they see Clark faculty quoted in newspapers, on the radio and television and in other media outlets. Marketing and Communications uses an online system to match writers from around the world with expert academic sources. Marketing and Communications staff carefully screen these queries (which often have immediate deadlines) and notify faculty of media opportunties while being respectful of faculty members' busy schedules.

Become a faculty expert

Faculty who are interested in becoming a resource for the media should contact Jane Salerno at x7554 or Angela Bazydlo at x7635.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name, title and department
  • Contact information and your preferred method of communication
  • Subjects or issues you are willing to discuss with the media
  • Professional achievements and current responsibilities
  • Courses you teach at Clark
  • Your degrees
  • Current or recent research
  • Books or significant articles that have been published
  • Current or recent professional memberships, activities or awards
  • Experiences with news media
  • A list of fluent languages

How it works

When the Marketing and Communications staff receives a media query that seems to be a good fit for a Clark faculty member, the following procedure takes place:

  • Marketing and Communications contacts the faculty member to see if he/she is an appropriate resource for the writer and is willing and available to answer the query.
  • If interested, the faculty member provides Marketing and Communications with a brief comment on the topic of the query.
  • Marketing and Communications sends the faculty member's response, along with his/her contact information and background, to the writer.
  • The writer may choose to contact the faculty member for further information.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that faculty comments will be used by the writer. However, many Clark faculty members who work with Marketing and Communications on these queries are quoted in news articles throughout the country.

Book publicity

The media relations staff within the Marketing and Communications department provides limited assistance to professors and supplemental aid to publishers when a new faculty book is announced.

We recommend that faculty authors work closely with their publisher's publicist, as this person can best help with trade and national publicity.

For assistance with book publicity

Faculty with pending book releases should submit the following information to Jane Salerno or Angela Bazydlo as soon as possible:

  • The expected publication date of the book
  • The name of your publisher and the public-relations contact there
  • A brief description of the book to enable the media-relations staff to promote the faculty author as a resource for reporters and writers seeking expertise on a given topic
  • A couple of quotations from the faculty author about the book
  • Copies of published book reviews or related articles about the book

Book displays

New faculty books are on display in the Higgins University Center. Please send new faculty books, along with copies of reviews and articles about the book, to Jane Salerno.

Additional tips for faculty authors:

  • Consider planning a public lecture in conjunction with your book release.
  • Work with Clark's Media Relations staff to draft and place an op-ed piece about current issues that are related to the book.
  • Hire a freelance public relations professional or firm to help secure additional media coverage.