International Students and Scholars Office

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Travel and Re-entry


You must carry a passport that will be valid for reentry to the United States. Your passport should be valid for six months beyond your anticipated stay in the United States. Citizens of certain countries are exempt from this six-month rule. The ISSO has a list of such countries.

F-1 Students

  • a valid Form I-20, signed once an academic year by your advisors in the ISSO. If you are traveling to Canada the signature should not be more than 6 months old.
  • a valid F-1 visa stamp in the passport and an updated proof of funding as listed on the I-20
  • proof of registration (unofficial transcript can be obtained on Web For Students)

J-1 Exchange Visitors

  • a valid Form DS-2019 signed for travel by a responsible officer of your Exchange Visitor Program*
  • a valid J-1 visa stamp in the passport
  • updated proof of funding as listed on the DS-2019

* If The ISSO issued your DS-2019, it must be signed on the back by staff from The ISSO. If your form was issued by another Exchange Visitor Program (Fulbright, LASPAU, AID) you should contact that organization directly regarding travel signatures.

H-1B and O-1 Visa Holders

  • an original I-797 Approval Notice from Department of Homeland Security that is valid for a period beyond the anticipated travel
  • a valid H-1B or O-1 visa stamp in the passport
  • a letter verifying your current employment. The letter should include your title and salary.


I-94 Information


Each time you enter the United States, your entry is recorded in an online arrival system.  After each entry, you should go online and print out your I-94 information.  This I-94 information shows your admission number, the date of your most recent entry, your immigration status upon entry and the length of time that you are authorized to stay in the United States. We highly recommend that you keep a printed record of each entry into the US.  If you find that information in your I-94 record is incorrect, please contact ISSO so that we can help you resolve the issue.  I-94 information is recorded by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and can only be found online.