Physical Plant

Our Mission

The primary mission of Clark’s Physical Plant department is to maintain a safe, clean, attractive environment for our students to learn and live in.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our valued customers who include Clark’s undergraduate and graduate students, Clark’s faculty and staff, and Clark’s Alumni. We strive to maintain Clark University’s buildings and grounds in a manner that will enhance the academic experience of our students and provide our students with clean, safe homes at Clark.

About Us

The Physical Plant department is responsible for the basic operation and maintenance of the physical facilities of the University; therefore, any and all changes to our physical facilities must be performed or coordinated with Physical Plant. A primary requirement is that the Physical Plant department has knowledge of the exact condition of the physical facilities at all times. Physical Plant must approve any planned alteration of, or addition to, any structure or ground area.

Location: The Physical Plant department is located within the Gates House, located at 24 Charlotte Street, on the corner of Charlotte Street and Clifton Street.

Hours: Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm with the exception of campus recognized holidays.

Reaching us by phone: The main telephone number for the Physical Plant department is (508) 793-7566 or from dialing extension 7566 from any campus phone. The Physical Plant fax number is (508) 793-8851 or from dialing 8851 from any campus fax machine.

Emergencies: If there is an emergency call and it is after the normal Physical Plant hours please contact University Police at (508) 793-7575 or by dialing extension 7575 from any campus phone.

Attention Residents: Lost Keys/Clark ID Card

Lost Key

Locks are changed for security purposes when keys are lost. Be sure to report a lost key immediately.

If you lose your room key during the course of the year you will be charged a replacement fee for your room lock and key. It is strongly recommended that you keep your keys on a reliable key ring and that you carry your keys and Clark ID at all times. Do not lend your keys or Clark ID to anyone for any reason.

If you lose your room key:

  1. Immediately notify your Resident Adviser.

  2. Go to the Cashier’s Office and upon paying the cashier $35 for the replacement key and lock, you will get a receipt to take to physical plant (24 Charlotte Street). If you are unable to pay this fee immediately, it will be added to your student account — you’ll need to see the Accounting Office (Student Billing Office) to do this.

  3. At the Physical Plant office you will be asked what the location of your residence hall is, the room number, and how many residents reside in the room. The Physical Plant dispatcher will then notify the locksmith that a lock needs to be changed. The locksmith will change out the lock before the end of the day and leave the new key(s) in the room (dresser or desk), with the door locked. Please try calling prior to 3:30PM if at all possible to ensure same day service. If for some reason a key is lost after 4PM, the lock is usually changed the next morning unless otherwise instructed. If you feel that not having the lock changed causes you to feel unsafe please call University Police at ext 7575 and they will call someone from Physical Plant back to campus to make sure the lock is changed.**

  4. To re-enter room, we ask that you try to contact your Resident Advisor..

Remember to return your room key before leaving at the end of the year to avoid being charged for its replacement.

**Please Note: Any locks changed after Physical Plant normal business hours will be charges as an overtime call (or approximately $200.00).

Lost ClarkID

Lost Clark IDs should be reported to University Police. A replacement ID can be obtained for $15. Contact the ClarkID Office for assistance replacing your card.