Facilities Management


The Locksmith is responsible the keying and security systems of the University. The Locksmith implements key and lock changes, make keys, controls and issue keys, and repair locks as required. The Locksmith is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the burglar alarm system and the installation and maintenance of ADA door controls and hardware.

The locksmith is located in the lower level of the garage. The Locksmith works Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.


Attention Residents:

Lost Key

Locks are changed for security purposes when keys are lost. Be sure to report a lost key immediately.

If you lose your room key during the course of the year you will be charged a replacement fee for your room lock and key. It is strongly recommended that you keep your keys on a reliable key ring and that you carry your keys and Clark ID at all times. Do not lend your keys or Clark ID to anyone for any reason.

If you lose your room key:

  1. Immediately notify the Residential Life and Housing office by emailing (ResLife@clarku.edu), calling (508-793-7453), or stopping by their office in the Corner House.

  2. RLH will give you the link to pay for your key replacement - $100 for traditional triple/double/single rooms and $150 for suites/apartments.

  3. Once you have paid, RLH will submit a Work Order for you through Facilities Management.

  4. The Facilities Management locksmith will change out the lock and drop off the key in the RLH main office.

  5. RLH will then email you and your roommates to come pick up your new key(s).

Remember to return your room key before leaving at the end of the year to avoid being charged for its replacement.

**Please Note: Any locks changed after Facilities Management normal business hours will be charges as an overtime call (or approximately $200.00).

Lost ClarkID

Lost Clark IDs should be reported to University Police. A replacement ID can be obtained for $15. Contact the ClarkID Office for assistance replacing your card.