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Finger printing

Appointments may be made for fingerprinting by calling CUPD at (508) 793-7575.

Safety Escorts

Safety cruiser and foot escorts are available to students during non-SSES operating hours.

Vehicle/Room Lock outs

Residential Life and Housing should be contacted for room lockouts. If an RA is not available, and for vehicle assistance, students should contact CUPD.

Incident Reports

Copies of Police Incident Reports can be obtained in person at CUPD. A $2.00 processing fee applies.

Video Recording

DVD copies of video recordings may be obtained in person at CUPD. A $5.00 processing fee applies.

Event Details

University Police Details are processed through the Events Planning Office at (508) 793-7471. A University Police presence may be required at large venues, events where alcohol is being served and/or events requiring money transports.

Safety Workshops

Many safety workshops are held throughout the year.

First Week Orientation

Crime prevention officers meet with all incoming students about services offered and crime safety information. This session is mandatory for all first-year students.

Safety Patrol

Officers patrol the campus and surrounding areas on foot, in cruisers and on bicycles 24/7, 365 days/year. Additionally, officers are assigned to specific resident halls and will spend time at the location getting to know the residents throughout the year.

Bicycle Registration

Students wishing to keep a bicycle on campus should register their bike with University Police. Bicycles should be locked to a bike rack (available at various locations on campus) whenever not in use. Sturdy, chain locks are recommended.