Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

Red Square Clark University Worcester MA

Conflict of Interest Policy at Clark University

In accord with the joint statement by the American Council on Education and the American Association of University Professors, which the Clark University faculty and the trustees have adopted, Clark University expects its staff members (administrators, faculty members, professional staff members, or employees) to observe the following standards of conduct:

1. When University staff members engage in government-sponsored work, have a significant financial interest in, or a consulting arrangement with a private business concern, they must avoid the following:

a. The undertaking or the orientation of University research to serve the research or other needs of the private firm without disclosure of such undertaking or orientation to the University and the sponsoring agency;

b. Purchase of major equipment, instruments, or other items for University purposes from the private firm in which the staff member has an interest, without disclosure of such interest;

c. Transmission to the private firm or other use for personal gain of government-sponsored work products, results, materials, records or information that are not made generally available;

d. Use for personal gain or other unauthorized use of privileged information acquired in connection with the staff member's government-sponsored activities;

e. Negotiation or influence upon the negotiation of contracts relating to the staff member's government-sponsored research between the University and private organizations with which they have consulting or other significant relationships;

f. Acceptance of gratuities or special favors from private organizations with which the University does or may conduct business in connection with a government-sponsored project, or extension of gratuities or special favors to employees of the sponsoring government agency, under circumstances that might appear to be an attempt to influence the recipients in the conduct of their duties.

2. When University staff members undertake to devote a fraction or the whole of their efforts to government-sponsored research, they must conscientiously fulfill their stated obligation and report to the University at reasonable intervals the distribution of their efforts.

Approved by: Committee on Conflict of Interest for Clark University, January 12, 1968, reaffirmed on May 6, 1980; Clark Faculty, May 3, 1968; Trustees, February 10, 1967 [Reviewed by Research Board, March 18, 2002]