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Guidelines For Reimbursement Of Faculty Travel Expenses

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Faculty members are eligible for support for travel to professional meetings. (The funding cycle for faculty travel is the University fiscal year:  June l through May 3l.) Whenever possible, travel expenses should be charged to an appropriate research or training grant. In no cases will Clark duplicate any other travel reimbursement.

I. Please submit your travel requests as early as possible (see V. below for procedures)

II. Amount of reimbursement

Reimbursement will be made for the following expenses:

A. Cost of transportation, normally limited to the round-trip coach air fare. Auto transportation costs will be reimbursed at a rate of 54.5 cents per mile (effective January 1, 2018), the total not to exceed the coach air fare.  Tolls, taxi and airport limousine fares may be added to the fare or mileage.

B. Other reasonable costs as noted below:

  1. Hotel room charges
  2. Meals
  3. Telephone charges
  4. Registration costs and fees

III. Upper Limit on Reimbursement

The current maximum reimbursement for expenses charged to the faculty travel account is $1500.

IV. Eligibility

Tenured or tenure-track faculty and non-tenure track full-time faculty with appointments longer than one year are eligible for reimbursement. Eligibility is restricted to those who are actively participating in a role such as presenting a paper, chairing a session, offering a creative performance, or playing a significant role in the meeting (e.g. as an officer of the society or as a conference organizer).

V. Procedures for Reimbursement

A. Requests for approval of travel plans should be made on a form entitled "Application for Approval of Travel." These forms are available in departmental offices or Provost's Office or at this link.

NOTE: In order for a traveler to be covered by Travel Accident Insurance, an "Application for Approval of Travel" must be filed. Receipt of this form by the Provost's Office constitutes official notification of travel for insurance purposes, whether or not an advance or reimbursement is requested.

B. Approval. All travel plans with requests for reimbursement from the Faculty Travel Account must be approved in advance by the department chair or program director and the Dean of Research.  Your Travel Expense Report and Application for Approval of Travel should be sent first to Tracy Leonard, Office Assistant, Academic Affairs.

C. Advances. Request for advances may be made prior to the trip simply by indicating the need for an advance on the Application. (It is important that requests for advances be submitted at least one month before funds are needed.)

D. Expense Report. Following a trip for which an advance was made or to get reimbursement, should be done on a "Travel Expense Report" (available on the web under Research & Grants Administration, in your department, from Accounting, ex. 7l54, or from the Provost's Office).  This should be sent to Tracy Leonard listing all expenses and accompanied by original receipts for all major expenses. Auditors also require a copy of the program or a letter of acceptance or registration which indicates dates and location of conference and your participation. Both should be submitted for approval to the Provost's Office within ten days of return to the University.

VI. Non-Reimbursable Travel

The following types of travel are examples of travel not supported by the Faculty Travel Account: travel for purposes of grant development; consulting; and, travel to attend a professional meeting for purposes other than those described in ­ IV. above. There may be other funds to support these kinds of travel (Clark funds or external funds). Please consult your department chairperson for advice.