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Funding for Undergraduate Research and Creative Work

Funding for undergraduate research is available in several forms. Undergrads can participate in research that is already funded and directed by a faculty member. Undergrads can also apply for their own funding to support research in a project of their choice. Funding can be for research in a specific field, for research during the academic year, or for summer research.

The LEEP Project The LEEP Project is designed for rising seniors in good academic standing. LEEP Projects can be completed by individuals or by teams. Students work closely with a staff or faculty member as well as an external partner, such as a corporate or nonprofit manager, Clark alumnus/a, or a research institute.

Funding sources within Clark

Albert, Norma and Howard Geller '77 Endowed Research Awards These awards support student-initiated research projects that advance our understanding of resource and environmental sustainability and practical improvements that can move society towards more sustainable outcomes.

Steinbrecher Fellowship Program This program is designed to encourage and support the pursuit of original ideas, creative research, public service or enrichment projects by Clark undergraduate students. Fellowships, which will typically range from $500 to $2500, will be awarded annually to approximately 10-12 students, enabling them to engage in independent study and/or travel to explore an intellectual interest that intrigues them or to undertake a public service project aimed at improving societal conditions. The funds may be used over the summer and/or during the next academic year. Fellows may use the awards during, but not following, the senior year. Contact Prof. Deborah Robertson.

Barth Summer Internships The Theodore Barth Foundation, via Career Services, provides stipends to help students pursue unpaid, summer internships in the nonprofit sector. Read about the 2013 Barth interns and their projects.

H.E.R.O Mosakowski Institute Fellow for Sustainable Science The H.E.R.O. Mosakowski Institute Fellow for Sustainable Science is awarded to a H.E.R.O. program participant who demonstrates interest and potential in integrating research-generated knowledge with practice and policy.

H.E.R.O. O'Connor Fellow The H.E.R.O. O'Connor fellowship was established by the estate of John T. O'Connor '78 to support environmental studies and science. Allocations will be made each year for field trips, community-based projects, and/or student research.

H.E.R.O. Undergraduate Fellowships The H.E.R.O. Fellowships provide a unique undergraduate-graduate-faculty experience that generates and archives long-term data sets and engages in research on the human-environment condition of Central Massachusetts. Undergraduates serve as Hero Fellows during an 8-week summer period, followed by a year long research activity that produces publicly accessible data via a web page, annual H.E.R.O. reports, and individual research projects. Contact the HERO program.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program U-Reka Honorees The U-Reka Big Idea Contest is sponsored by Clark's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. A $5000 prize is split between three student teams that compete to gain funding for a business venture, student project or activity. The Big Ideas should benefit Clark University students and/or the Main South community.

Donald J. Nelson Endowed Research Fellowship The monies are used to provide research grants to undergraduates pursuing studies in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology.

James '39 and Ada Bickman Summer Science Research Internships For students majoring in the physical and biological sciences. Contact Prof. Mark Turnbull.

Maurine H. Milburn Fund for the Sciences Summer Internship - contact your department for information

Henry J. Leir Summer Research Scholarship This program allows a Clark undergraduate to participate as an intern and/or to conduct research with an organization in Luxembourg for six to eight weeks during the summer. Contact Uwe Gertz.

Biology: The M. Margaret Comer Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research in the Biological Sciences.

The Nunnemacher Award defrays tuition or lab fees of Clark students in attending summer courses in marine biology or researching at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.

The Lise Anne and Leo E. Beavers II Fellowship supports students or faculty members for research into the biochemical, neurological or genetic causes and/or defects causing mental retardation or mental illness.

Chemistry: The Arthur E. Martell-Thomas T. Sugihara Internship, the Frederick M. and Alice Murdock Internship, and the PCISynthesis, Inc. Corporate Chemistry Fellowship all provide money for undergraduate summer research. Contact Prof. Mark Turnbull.

Economics: The Harry Sheftel Undergraduate Research Award provides funding for the support of the research of outstanding undergraduates.

The Chandler Bailey Internship in Economics was established by Chandler Bailey, class of '72, to support summer research in Economics by undergraduates, including both individual research projects by students and joint projects involving Clark Economics professors.

The Summer Research Fund for Undergraduates provides help with with research-associated expenses to students undertaking research during the summer. Funds are also available for research assistantships from faculty grants. Contact Cindy Rice.

Geography: The Peter Condakes Research Fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from Peter Condakes, an alumni and geography major from the class of 1978. The fellowship provides a stipend of $1,500 for an undergraduate geography major to work as a summer research assistant with a geography faculty member. Contact Rachel Levitt.

George Perkins Marsh Institute: The Geller Student Research Awards are intended to support student-initiated research projects that have the potential to advance both our understanding of opportunities for greater sustainability in the human use of resources and the environment and practical improvements that can be implemented. Contact Robert J. Johnston.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies: the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Fund for Scholars of Holocaust Studies funds awards to undergraduate students for research or internships related to the Holocaust. The Ina R. and Haskell R. Gordon Fund for Undergraduate Students of Holocaust Studies provides annual awards to one or more undergraduate students for research, travel or internships related to the Holocaust. Contact Prof. Shelly Tenenbaum.

International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE): The Eugene Melder Fund for Travel to Africa Award is given to a Clark student who is conducting research in Africa.

Marsh/Mosakowski: Marsh-Mosakowski NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations) National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Fellows. The Marsh-Mosakowski NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Fellowships are awarded annually to selected Clark undergraduate students with an interest in marine science and policy who have excelled in their academic preparation and show promise in field research and/or policy analysis.

Physics/Mathematics: Albert C. Erickson '03 Summer Research Award and the Stanley Geschwind Summer Internship award provide funding for summer research.

The Stanley Geschwind Memorial Summer Research Internship Award (Physics) supports summer research internships for undergraduate students majoring in Physics.

Political Science: The Harrington Fellowship Program was created in 2006-2007 to encourage and support the pursuit of creative or original research in politics and public policy or in service learning in the public or nonprofit sector by Clark undergraduates. The Department is looking for projects that connect to the public life of citizenship and help to create new knowledge that advances public affairs and civic life. Recipients may use their fellowship for a project in the United States or abroad. Examples include doing research on political participation or voting trends among immigrant populations in the U.S., interning and doing research with an environmental law firm or nongovernmental organization, and interning and doing research with a human rights organization in Namibia, France, Spain, or Britain. Approximately five Harrington Fellowship awards will be made each year, ranging from $500-$2500.

Psychology: The Simon and Eve Colin Creativity Award in Psychology is presented annually to the outstanding undergraduate psychology major about to begin the senior year. The recipient receives a stipend of up to $2,500 to fund an independent research project to be undertaken with a faculty member in the senior year.

The Herman A Witkin Undergraduate Scholar Award for Creativity is awarded to an inspired, innovative, and extraordinary undergraduate student for his or her pursuit of research in Psychology.

Urban Development and Social Change The Urban Development and Social Change Program offers students a paid internship, the Lois and Robert Green UDSC Summer Internship. Typically, the student works as an assistant to a Worcester City Councilor or other city government official. The work consists of a variety of projects and activities aimed at addressing issues of concern to residents of Worcester. The Intern receives $2,800 for 6 weeks of full-time internship activities.

From time to time, the UDSC Program also offers several paid summer research opportunities for student projects in Worcester. These projects offer undergraduates the chance to do applied research that is responsive to the needs of the local community. Working as a team and with the help of a Clark graduate student, the UDSC Summer Research Fellows consult with members of the community, develop a research plan, collect all necessary data, undertake the research, and submit a written report to interested community groups. Through this process students learn the role, responsibilities, and practice of consulting work as well as how to undertake a successful collaborative research project. Some students also use the data from this project as the basis for a senior thesis or an independent study project the following year. Contact Prof. Sharon Krefetz.

Visual and Performing Arts The Sara Bickman Music and Arts Summer Internship for Undergraduates provides financial support for summer internships for undergraduate students majoring in the Visual and Performing Arts. Awards are made to students in their junior year for projects to be conducted between their junior and senior years. Applications are made on behalf of students by sponsoring faculty members.

The Jason Michael Simpkins Memorial Endowment for Screen Studies award is to assist undergraduate students with the expenses incurred in completion of a film and/or a piece of written research. The recipients should possess high academic ability in Screen Studies and exceptional character, with an intention to pursue a career or higher education in screen studies. Contact Christina McGovern.

Funding sources outside Clark

Council on Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship Program

IDCE Career Database

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
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Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

NSF Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology

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