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Seven frequent errors

-National Endowment for the Humanities

1. The budget does not relate closely to the activities described in the narrative.

2. The application does not provide all the information requested, including complete identification of the personnel for the project and their qualifications for the assignment.

3. The application is marred by inflated rhetoric and ignorance of similar projects elsewhere.

4. Arguments in support of the application are subjective and unconvincing; application assumes that its reader is familiar with or is predisposed to support the application.

5. The plan of work is missing or is too vague; the application shows disorganization of proposed activities and illogical sequencing of specific tasks.

6. The application is distorted by errors in grammar, fact, spelling, and mathematics; the application is sloppy: a clutter of styles, unreadable copies, missing pages and cited attachments.

7. The application does not give adequate attention to dissemination/distribution of the products of the project.